woensdag 10 november 2010

Some tips on economizing

It is always nice to know where to buy the best and cheapest products, especially if you are a foreigner. So, I would like to present to you some tips on How to economize and where to buy the cheapest products in Sana’a.

• The best place in Sana’a for fruits and vegetables is a marketplace called al- Madbah’. At this marketplace you can buy fruits and vegetables in bulk.
A tip on economizing: buy certain fruits and vegetables during the season when fruits and vegetables are cheap. This is the summer season. Wash them, cut and peel them and then put them in plastic bags and store them in the freezer.
• You can also buy fruit per kilo at other marketplaces or from a truck, which are parked at the side of a road. Merchants happen to sell their fruit from their trucks or cars. At these places you will find fruit much cheaper than at a store.
• The best place for grocery shopping is at a superstore. Superstores are much cheaper then supermarkets and baqaalah’s, which is a grocery store.
• Drinkwater can be bought at a grocery store for 40 Rial per 5 liters, or for economizing, buy water per 10 liters for only 50 Rial.
A tip on economizing: buy yourself a few 10 liter jerry cans and if you happen to be downtown (for work for example) or if you live downtown, fill your jerry cans at a special store for only 50 Rial per jerry can.
• You can buy fresh, hot bread at a bakery. You can also buy bread from a grocery store, but it will not be hot and sometimes not even fresh.
I know 4 types of bread: * roti (baguette)
* roti small
. * khaas (gaas) (round flat bread)
* kudam (whole wheat bread)

I like kudam the most, because it tastes good and is much healthier than the other types of bread. Bread cost about 15 Rial per piece

They also sell mlawah’ (pan bread) and luh’ooh’ (some kind of pancake) but I think at the suq (marketplace).

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  1. Hello, my husband and I just arrived in Sana. Where are these superstores for grocery shopping? So far I only go to the little shop by my house but I need to do a big grocery shopping. Thank you.

  2. Ma sha Allah, welcome sister!

    I don't know where you are located, but I will give you the names and then it is best if you ask which superstore in close to you.

    * Bravo Center is my favorite one. It is the cheapest and best organized one. It's located at Taiz street.
    * Shumaila Hari, has many locations.
    * Al- Huda or Huda.