woensdag 10 november 2010

How to Survive

Many people here in Yemen face difficulties with respect to their costs.

Like I have mentioned before, the average income for someone with a college degree is about 30.000 Rial, which is about €100, $140 a month.

I know a woman who works as a manager, leading a team of 10 men and women. Her salary is 35.000 Rial. 25.000 Rial of her salary goes to her mother every month, and she keeps 10.000 for herself.

Many help their parents financially, so much so, that they give a great part of their salary to their parents or all of it!

So, keep these figures in mind and start calculating if you are planning to come here and live here in Yemen. It is the best to be prepared, by knowing the average income and expenses and then save up some money.

Really, the expenses here in Yemen are much lower than the other parts of the world, like for example USA, Europe and Canada. So, if you as a foreigner plan to live here in Yemen it will not be a big task to save up some money. But you should be prepared and you should start planning and thinking about How to generate an income when you will be living here.

I have some great ideas and advices about that… so stay tuned…!

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