donderdag 25 november 2010

Where to find Pure Honey from Yemen?

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Honey from Yemen

Honey from Yemen

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Earn Money Online in Yemen

The best way to earn an income in Yemen is by earning it in the rich West and then spend it in Yemen.

The average income in Yemen is very low, but the average income in US, Europe or Canada is much higher. The costs in the US, Europe or Canada is high but the costs in Yemen are very low.
Can you do the math???

So what do you think if you live in Yemen, earn an income in dollars or Euros and then spend it in Yemen where the costs are much lower than these western countries…?

If you are not interested in becoming rich, which of course you could, but you will earn more than enough to take care of all your financial responsibilities and have even an extra!

How to do it? The best way to earn money online, whether you live in Yemen or outside of Yemen, it doesn’t matter where you reside, is to become an affiliate. That’s if you work in affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people stuff online. If you put a link of the product you promote on your website or somewhere else online, and when someone purchases that product through your link you get a commission.

You actually don’t even have to sell to people, but if people click on your link (of the product) and then buy it trough that link, you will get paid!

A very good guide to help you earning an income online is Fast Track Cash from the World #1 super affiliate marketer and bestselling author Ewen Chia. This ecourse consists of an ebook, video and audio tutorials and more.

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The Fast Track Cash program will really help you understand internet marketing and will help you get started right away to earn an income online fast end effectively.

The Best Tip on Earning Money in Yemen

The best Tip I can give you on Earning Money, or an Income in Yemen is:

  1. By Earning Money in your home country (US, Europe or Canada) and spend it in Yemen!!!

How? Well there are several ways to earn money in The West. You can export products from Yemen to other countries, you can travel for work or... you can Earn Money from the Internet!!!

This last one I think is the best one, because it is easy, fast and convenient. You live in Yemen and you earn your income by working from your home and get paid in $ or €.

Don't forget, if you generate an income from US, Europe or Canada, just a little bit will sufice for you, your family and all your costs and financial responsabilities! Not only sufice you, but even more!!!

Then why earn an income from The West and spend it in Yemen? Well as you red my previous statement, it will not only sufice you, but you will have more then enough. Why? Because the costs in Yemen are of course much less then other countries.

Also, the average income in Yemen is pretty low. Many people have beside their day job another job in order to help themselves and their families financily.

Conclusion: The best way to earn an income is, to earn it from other countries (US, Europe and Canada) and then spend it in Yemen.

woensdag 10 november 2010

Some tips on economizing

It is always nice to know where to buy the best and cheapest products, especially if you are a foreigner. So, I would like to present to you some tips on How to economize and where to buy the cheapest products in Sana’a.

• The best place in Sana’a for fruits and vegetables is a marketplace called al- Madbah’. At this marketplace you can buy fruits and vegetables in bulk.
A tip on economizing: buy certain fruits and vegetables during the season when fruits and vegetables are cheap. This is the summer season. Wash them, cut and peel them and then put them in plastic bags and store them in the freezer.
• You can also buy fruit per kilo at other marketplaces or from a truck, which are parked at the side of a road. Merchants happen to sell their fruit from their trucks or cars. At these places you will find fruit much cheaper than at a store.
• The best place for grocery shopping is at a superstore. Superstores are much cheaper then supermarkets and baqaalah’s, which is a grocery store.
• Drinkwater can be bought at a grocery store for 40 Rial per 5 liters, or for economizing, buy water per 10 liters for only 50 Rial.
A tip on economizing: buy yourself a few 10 liter jerry cans and if you happen to be downtown (for work for example) or if you live downtown, fill your jerry cans at a special store for only 50 Rial per jerry can.
• You can buy fresh, hot bread at a bakery. You can also buy bread from a grocery store, but it will not be hot and sometimes not even fresh.
I know 4 types of bread: * roti (baguette)
* roti small
. * khaas (gaas) (round flat bread)
* kudam (whole wheat bread)

I like kudam the most, because it tastes good and is much healthier than the other types of bread. Bread cost about 15 Rial per piece

They also sell mlawah’ (pan bread) and luh’ooh’ (some kind of pancake) but I think at the suq (marketplace).

For questions and comments please feel free to leave a comment.

Life in Yemen Expenses and costs

I would like to present to you a list of costs for certain products or services that you might need in order to take care of your housing and livelihood.

• Apartment : a small apartment cost between 20.000 to 35.000 or more a month.
• Electricity : 0-200= 6 Rial; 200-350= 9 Rial; 350-700= 12 Rial; 700- ↑= 16 Rial.
• Water : 1200 Rial for 1000 Liters. The average price is about 4000 Rial p/month.
• Rice : 270 Rial p/ kg.
• Flour : 120 Rial p/ kg.
• Sugar : 250 Rial p/ kg.
• Chicken : 1000 Rial for 1 chicken, 1, 5 kg.
• Meat : 1400 Rial for calf p/ kg; 1700 for lamb p/ kg.
• Eggs : 20 Rial p/ egg; 100 Rial p/ 5 eggs; 500 Rial p/ 30 eggs.
• Milk : 120 Rial p/ half a liter.
• Yoghurt : 120 Rial p/ half a kg.
• Bananas : 100- 150 Rial p/ kg.
• Apples : Yemeni apples 150- 200 p/ kg; American apples 400 p/ kg.
• Bread : 15 Rial per bread.
• Drink water : 40 Rial p/ 5 Liters.
• Cheese : Depends on the brand, you can fine for 10 Rial, 15 Rial and 20 Rial p/ piece.

How to Survive

Many people here in Yemen face difficulties with respect to their costs.

Like I have mentioned before, the average income for someone with a college degree is about 30.000 Rial, which is about €100, $140 a month.

I know a woman who works as a manager, leading a team of 10 men and women. Her salary is 35.000 Rial. 25.000 Rial of her salary goes to her mother every month, and she keeps 10.000 for herself.

Many help their parents financially, so much so, that they give a great part of their salary to their parents or all of it!

So, keep these figures in mind and start calculating if you are planning to come here and live here in Yemen. It is the best to be prepared, by knowing the average income and expenses and then save up some money.

Really, the expenses here in Yemen are much lower than the other parts of the world, like for example USA, Europe and Canada. So, if you as a foreigner plan to live here in Yemen it will not be a big task to save up some money. But you should be prepared and you should start planning and thinking about How to generate an income when you will be living here.

I have some great ideas and advices about that… so stay tuned…!