donderdag 8 juli 2010

What is fatoot

Fatoot are Yemeni dishes that can be served at different ways. I will present a few different ways of fatoot.

Fatoot is plural and singular is called fetta.

Fetta is a dish that is served in a typically Yemeni dish which is called a maqla. A maqla is a original yemeni dish which is a round, deep dish in it is available in various sizes. I think it is made from clay.

Fetta is a dish that is very simple and is made by breaking up flat bread into small pieces and then heated in a maqla.

There are sweet and salty fatoot.

Fetta is also being made if one doesn't know what to cook or if there is not enough food in the house, because fetta is easy and cheap.

This is a picture of fetta tamr, which is fetta with dates. The fetta is served in a maqla.
This fetta is served everyday to the woman in childbed. It is a tasty fetta and easy to make.
You need flat bread, dates (as much as you like), ghee and milk.
Heat in a maqla some ghee and put in the small pieces bread. Mix and then pour in little milk on the bread until it becomes soft and moist. Then put in the dates, broken up into smaller pieces and mix well until heated.

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