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Recipe: Maraq

Maraq is a meat or chicken stock that Yemeni people serve at different ways. They serve it as a soup, or they serve the meat or chicken from maraq with rice, they serve it in a dish called salta (see recipe), in a dish called fatoot (see recipe), with ‘asida (is a kind of polenta), etc.

Maraq is very famous in Sana’a. When people are sick they serve this soup to them. Also this soup is being served to women who just gave birth in order for her to strengthen. These women must drink this soup for 40 days.

I know 2 ways for cooking Maraq. This is the easiest way and the other way I will post in the futur. That one is the most delicious one! But this one taste good too...

This is how you make it:

· 1 onion
· Chicken or meat, about 1 kilo
· Little bit oil
· ½ tbsp peper
· Salt to taste
· 1 tablespoon flour
· Juice of 1 lime

If you use chicken, a normal pan will be used. If meat is being used, it is best to use a pressure cooker.

Cut the onion into small pieces. In a pan fry the meat or chicken in little oil with the sliced onion. Then put salt and pepper and stir well. After the meat is fried on both sides and the color has been changed, pour in enough water. I cannot give you any measure, but I would say a pan ¾ full.

Cook until the meat or chicken is done. If you use meat, I would at least cook it for one full hour, but I even prefer an hour and a half, in order for the meat to be well done and soft. Also make sure you have put enough water in the pressure cooker.

Chicken can be cooked within 45 minutes, maybe even less. After the meat or chicken is done, taste if the soup needs more salt and pepper. Then make from the flour and a little water a paste and pour it into the soup. Cook a few minutes.

Then serve the maraq with lime juice to taste.

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